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Connect with friends, discuss ideas, join group investments, and learn about what your friends are investing in.

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Learn about best trading practices and start by making small low risk investments in your favorite companies or ideas.

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Track the stocks of the companies you are invested in and profit off of your good investments.

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“I made bank and now I am living in Bermuda.”


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“I love using Cash You. It is the best!”


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Cash You offers many exciting services for its users to connect, trade, and profit.

Connect & Collaborate

Cash You links with your Facebook profile and finds Facebook friends who are also using Cash You. You can collaborate with them to create investment groups and discuss investments.

Learn & Educate

Learn from experienced traders about their tips and strategies. Also, contribute to the tutorials and help others to get started in investing.

Analytics & Trends

Look at past trends in stocks and determine what companies might be good investments for you.

Profit & Return

Get profit from your investments and track the return on your investments. Watch the money pile up in your bank account.


Cash You has the goal of making investing accessible to all people through a simple, social investing platform.

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